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the people of Brookline. 

Brookline is a small suburb of Boston with many locally owned businesses and interesting individuals. Here are some of their stories.

 oct. 2018 –

Sana Belle named her shop after herself because the clothing, jewelry, and artifacts she sells from all over the world are a representation of who she is. Sana is from New York, and her husband is from Bali which is where they plan to move next year. 


Sana takes pride in her shop's chaotic originality, saying it gives it character. What many don't know is that her husband is a very skilled sewer who customizes and makes clothes for their customers.

Alex Coleman is a transgender citizen from Brookline. They are a child advocacy lawyer and an active member in city council fighting for diversity and inclusion. They explain that “My preferred pronoun is nothing. I’m a human being with many identities just like everyone else, why put a gender on it?”

Finesse Florist is comparable to a walk-in closet. Although small, this shop is Brookline’s lifeline when it comes to beautiful floral arrangements, especially during prom season. When Lonnie is putting together arrangements, it’s more than convenient having everything at arm’s length.

No matter who walks into her shop is guaranteed to chat with Sana about almost anything. She often shares stories about her life, and helps her customers style their outfits, sometimes offering her husband's expertise for alterations or accessories. 

Alex’s most recent efforts have been in the Brookline Town Hall, eradicating the use of gender-specific language in the government’s documents, and in the way it addresses its citizens. Alex is a proud parent, very passionate about life, and when it comes to transgender acceptance, Alex jokingly hopes “to see more pregnant men walking around in the future.” 

Lonnie and his partner had just moved back from the Caribbean, barely missing hurricane Maria. "We would be sitting on our property if we hadn't left," he said. He is thankful that Finesse Florist allows him to give back and contribute to the small, vibrant and  friendly community of Brookline. 

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