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Sofia is a freelance journalist focusing on arts and culture as well as Armenian topics, and a photography student at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin. Previously an editor for IMAGO agency's newsroom and a journalist / managing editor for its magazine, The Game. While managing The Game, she covered topics such as the war in Ukraine, women from Afghanistan and social movements in correspondence with photojournalists worldwide. 


She worked as a journalist and photographer at EVN Report magazine in Yerevan, Armenia (2019) where she lived for 6 months and currently freelances for the publication. Her work on Armenia often revolves around investigative journalism, gender issues and social issues. In 2018, she spent six months working as an art journalist in Berlin with Berlin Art Link. Sofia also spent the month of May, 2018 reporting out of Havana, Cuba with Northeastern's School of Journalism, and was nominated for a New England Regional Emmy Award for her work there. She completed her Bachelor's degree in journalism at Northeastern University in Boston with a minor in photography.

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