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Converge and Preserve Collage: Cultural Glitches

Having a mixed cultural identity is sort of like a glitch in the system. One is constantly juggling which culture one should pledge their allegiance to. Stories of migration and the weight put on either converging with a new culture and assimilating, or holding tight to familial traditions, present a means of cultural survival. But rarely is this shared experience, although shared, singular. There are endless products that come out of migration within subcultures. Even within one subculture, each member of a community exercises their cultural identity with their own rulebook, it is never entirely repeatable. One will always be an outsider on either side of the coin. 


A glitch in the system is an irregularity, a disruption, a moment of confusion as the system tries to solve a question which may never be answered. The question: 'How do you identify?' rarely has a straight answer in the context of diasporas. By combining current documentary photography with family archives that tell different stories of migration in Argentina's diasporas, the Converge and Preserve collage series visualizes the beauty, complexity and confusion that occurs in these cultural 'glitches.' The outcomes are never consistent and constantly evolving, with a multitude of perspectives sometimes at odds with each other, and endless lessons around tradition, assimilation, identity, politics, survival, trauma, innovation, and preservation buried within.

See the corresponding documentary series and read the stories.

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